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Congratulations 2011 Graduates!

As you transition into your new role as a practitioner, take advantage of NCPA's recent graduate rates and live your dream of becoming a pharmacy owner!

NCPA Recent Graduate Membership Rates:
1st Year Graduates - $40
2nd Year Graduates - $60
3rd Year Graduates - $90

To take advantage of these low rates, visit or call NCPA's Membership Department at 800-544-7447.

NCPA Foundation Dennis L. Ludwig Memorial Scholarships Presented at NCPA Legislative Conference
During the May 2011 NCPA Legislative Conference in Washington, DC, the NCPA Foundation presented the Dennis L. Ludwig Memorial Scholarship in Government Affairs. His namesake scholarships promote pharmacy students' participation in the conference to enhance their understanding of the political process, offer insight into the strategies for the adoption of legislation, and keep them abreast of various legislative issues. Ohio Northern University received the Ludwig scholarship for the NCPA student chapter with the highest attendance at the conference. In addition, based on a random drawing, the following students received Ludwig scholarships to help offset expenses related to attending the conference:

  • Brian Barkow of University of Arizona,
  • Brittany Myers of Massachusetts College of Pharmacy,
  • Alan Pannier of Idaho State University, and
  • Kendall Whitton of University of the Incarnate Word.

Congratulations to the winners!

Dennis L. Ludwig was president of NCPA in 1996-1997 and a long-time NCPA Foundation Advisory Committee member. He was also a keen grassroots activist both in Denver and in Washington, D.C.

NCPA 113th Annual Convention and Trade Exposition
It's that time again to meet new friends, learn from experts, and succeed in your profession. Join us October 8-12 this year in Nashville, TN for NCPA's 113th Annual Convention and Trade Exposition.

Sneak Peek at Student Programming
NCPA has lots of exciting activities planned for future pharmacy owners. Registered students may attend the entire convention but will not want to miss the student- specific programming on Saturday, October 8 and Sunday, October 9 to include:

  • NCPA Chapter Officers Breakfast
  • Future Pharmacist Educational Programming
  • 8th Annual Good Neighbor Pharmacy NCPA Pruitt-Schutte Student Business Plan Competition
  • Future Pharmacist Social
  • Community Pharmacy Residency Showcase
  • NCPA Foundation Awards Ceremony, and much more!!!

What are you waiting for? Register today for a discounted student rate of $150 for student members and $200 for non-student members.

annual convention

NCPA Student Chapter Fundraising Tips
Looking for new fundraising ideas to increase your chapter's funds for upcoming projects and to help send students to the NCPA Annual Convention and Trade Exposition in Nashville, TN this October? Check out the following successful chapter fundraising ideas from other NCPA student chapters:

  • Host a BBQ or chili cook-off. Prepare and donate food items and invite students, faculty and community pharmacists in the area. This is also a great way to introduce new students to NCPA and a perfect kick-off to the school year.
    • Timeline: Start planning 2 months before the date to secure the location and assign members tasks such as advertising and food collection. Make a list to ensure items such as coolers or permits, if needed, aren't forgotten.
    • To maximize success charge students $5-10 each. Make faculty and pharmacists aware it is a fundraiser BBQ but they are invited guests of your NCPA Chapter. This strengthens your relationship with them and provides them the opportunity to make a larger donation if they wish.
    • Ask your Dean or other faculty to participate. Charge students a quarter to vote for their favorite chili. Place coin jars in front of the chili to show students which chili is winning. This may encourage them to vote more than once!
  • Sell white coats, name badges, stethoscopes, calculators or other items pharmacy students are required to have for their IPPE's and APPE's. Target new students during orientation and students going on rotation, but be sure to offer the opportunity to purchase these items to all classes. Ask your school if they send out a new student orientation packet and include an advertisement flier.
    • To maximize profits have students pay and order these items in advance. Make sure a profit can be made while keeping prices competitive with the bookstore and other retail stores.
    • Check return policies, minimum order amounts and other details like shipping charges and tax before you enter into any agreements. Know how many items you need to sell to break even or make a profit and make sure that number is realistic.
  • Host an auction. Invite pharmacy students, community pharmacists and faculty. Have either a live auction with an emcee (who could be a professor) or a silent auction with lunch.
    • Ask faculty members to donate "experiences" or items for students to bid on. Successful experiences have included a boat outing, hikes, or a sporting event with your favorite professor.
    • Have student members request items, coupons, or donations from local businesses, e.g., yoga studios, hair salons, or restaurants.
    • Have students donate services such as babysitting hours, dog walking and lawn mowing for professors to bid on.
  • Host a major professional league sport night.
    • Many teams offer discounted seats for fundraising that can be sold at any price up to face value or gives back a few dollars to your Chapter for each ticket sold for a specific night with a coupon code.
    • Market this as a pharmacy school night and make this an event to help recruit new members or market tickets to the entire community.
    • This is a great event to hold at the beginning of the school year and can be incorporated as a member recruiting activity too!
  • Contact an area restaurant and ask if you can host an NCPA night. Many restaurants offer to donate back 10-50% of sales (usually the customer needs to bring in a flier) to the Chapter.
    • Invite the Dean, faculty and all students as well as members of the community.
    • Check restaurant websites for their policies (some prefer you contact the restaurant directly, others require you to make a corporate request) and be prepared to send in your request up to 30 days to 4 months before the desired date.
    • If fliers are needed, be sure to print out copies to pass out to classmates and/or email fliers to students.
  • Host a bowling tournament between the pharmacy classes or faculty or simply host a fun bowling night.
    • Many bowling alleys have programs in place for fundraisers that include a discounted price for games and shoes.
    • If you host a tournament or contest, offer small prizes and/or certificates.
    • If your event is scheduled during a time that the alley is usually slow, make the venue aware that your members will be buying food and drinks and ask for a small percentage of food sales.
  • Always be polite and professional when making requests for funds and be prepared to answer questions. A letter from your chapter to the business explaining what your NCPA Chapter does and what you will use the funds for can increase your response rate.
  • Ask other professional pharmacy organizations if you can partner with them. Decide in advance how to split the work and profits to prevent confusion or one organization doing all the work. Your partners may already have successful ideas they would be willing to share that can be enhanced with NCPA member support.
  • Keep a binder with contacts for the future chapter officers. Keep documentation of which fundraisers were successful, what was involved in making them successful, and vice versa.
  • If you are selling logo gear, make sure to adhere to the policies of your school or college of pharmacy and market to alumni as well. Contact NCPA student affairs at to obtain permission to use the NCPA logo.
  • Consider requiring students to preorder merchandise or collect money in advance for an event to ensure your chapter will not have to pay the difference if a member does not purchase an item or cannot attend an event.
  • Don't forget to thank everyone who assisted you in your fundraiser efforts. A simple thank you card or email can go a long way!

Happy Fundraising! And look for more fundraising ideas next month!


June 22, 2011

Dates & Deadlines

August 19-21
NCPA Ownership Workshop, Minneapolis Airport, Marriott, Minneapolis, MN

October 8-12, 2011
NCPA 113th Annual Convention and Trade Exposition, Nashville, TN

Are You a New NCPA Chapter Officer for the 2011-2012 Academic Year?
Congratulations on your new position! NCPA student chapters who have elected new chapter officers for the 2011-2012 academic year should fill out the NCPA Student Chapter Officer Roster Form to update contact information for the NCPA Student Affairs office. NCPA Student Affairs looks forward to working with new chapter officers!

Has Your Chapter Completed a Successful Chapter Project?
Share a brief description of your successful chapter project and the results of your efforts in your school and/or community. We want to recognize NCPA student chapters for their outstanding efforts and share your ideas and success stories with other NCPA student chapters. Contact NCPA Student Affairs at to share your story to be posted in the Chapter Highlights section of the NCPA website.

NCPA Outreach Visits for Fall 2011
Are you interested in a visit to your School or College of Pharmacy from NCPA staff, NCPA Ambassadors (NCPA Member Owners) and/or an NCPA Student Leadership Council representative? We would be happy to coordinate a visit with you! Please contact NCPA Student Affairs at and provide us with dates of availability when known. We are already starting to schedule meetings for August and beyond!

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